Catalinbread Echorec or the Belle Epoch?

A question for the ages...

Brendan Mowat-Smith will help you figure it out in the video below.

The correct answer is obviously to just get both of them, but we realize your budget does not always co-operate.  That is why this video may be helpful (or not). :-)

For more info, please click the links below:

Catalinbread Echorec

Catalinbread Belle Epoch

New Mojo Hand FX Villanova Vibe Demo Video

The killer demo videos keep on rolling in! This Time, Brendan gives us a very musical look at the Mojo Hand FX Villanova is a vintage style photocell Vibe that goes a ways beyond traditional Univibe style pedals.

For more info on this incredibly musical take on the vintage Univox/Unicord Univibe pedal, please click here.

Big Tone Music Brewery MOSFET Overdrive & Boost

Another stellar demo from Brendan Mowat-Smith.  Bonus guest appearance from Jeff the Cat who used up one of his nine earlier in the week. Happily, it looks as though he has 8 left!

Folks, esp. Ontario area folks, please keep in mind Brendan is not just a fabulous gear demo guy.  He is available for studio work in virtually any genre of music and he is a spectacular live player as well.  You can reach him thru' his youtube channel here.

For more info on this incredibly versatile pedal, please click here.


Please click to check out the new line of Eastwood Guitars

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