Wren and Cuff De La Riva BM20-Ultra

Like most guitar players, i love the vintage Big Muff sound.  Wren and Cuff have made a name tweaking and perfecting various old Muff style circuits and this new one takes the cake.

The De La Riva BM20-Ultra offers virtually endless Muff tweakability with 20 adjustable parameters as well as Silicon or germanium transistor switching.

Check it out:

Caroline Guitar Company Hawaiian Pizzas have arrived hot and ready!!

At this advanced age (lolz), I am likely one of the most critical ears there is when it comes to evaluating fuzz pedals. Don't get me wrong, i love fuzz with some passion, but I am admittedly non-plussed by the a lot of the boutique 3-knob fuzzes that are carbon copy clones of vintage fuzzes that many lesser companies, that we tend to avoid dealing with, churn out.  CGC is not one of those companies and The Hawaiian Pizza is not one of those pedals.  It is a glorious thing.  Harmonically rich beyond what you might think is even possible. In a nutshell, i love it.  Check out the demo:

and this demo as well if you want a different take on it.

Catalinbread NiCompressors have arrived!!

The NICOMPRESSOR was inspired by the legendary Loco Box ‘The Choker’ Compressor and various other compressors of the 1970s.  Nic and I had some great conversations about the concept for his design and shortly before his death he was wrapping things up and was pretty pleased about the finished product.

They have arrived and I totally get why Nic was so happy with the result. This pedal is extremely musical and just works for a number of really killer tones.  Also, Very dynamic for a compressor!

There are two finishes available, White or Black.


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