Rivolta Guitars

Acclaimed guitar designer and builder Dennis Fano of Novo Guitars and the highly innovative Eastwood Guitars have joined together to launch Rivolta Guitars.

Fano has always wanted to make his guitars accessible to as many players as possible and partnering with Mike Robinson of Eastwood Guitars was the perfect solution. The Rivolta models will feature the best elements of Fano’s well-known designs and utilize Eastwood’s established production facilities and worldwide distribution network.

The initial Rivolta model, The Combinata, was launched through the Eastwood Custom Shop initially, and is now available here at AAYSR.

“I’m excited to partner with Eastwood to launch the Rivolta brand. These guitars will offer fans of Novo and my previous designs a chance to get the guitar they’ve always wanted.” – Dennis Fano

“All of us at Eastwood and Airline guitars have been fans of Dennis’ creations for many years. With his keen eye for design and attention to detail that professional players have come to expect, we’re confident this will be a home run.” – Mike Robinson

Rivolta Mondata Standard (Avorio White)
Rivolta Mondata Standard (Laguna Blue)
Rivolta Mondata Standard (Fuoco Burst)
Rivolta Mondata JR
Rivolta Combinata JR
Rivolta Guitars COMBINATA Deluxe
Rivolta Guitars COMBINATA

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