Teuffel Custom Order Birdfish


The Birdfish is an odd, yet beautiful beast.

The body consists of the two tonebars which are screwed on both central elements "bird" and "fish". The neck is bolted onto the upper element "bird" while the lower "fish" carries the control box in which you find the guitar electronics. A rail between "bird" and "fish" holds the slideable pickups. All three pickups can be exchanged with each other within seconds.

Teuffel manufactures all of the hardware parts (including some of the screws) in his workshop in small series according to his own exact needs. This guarantees that all parts harmonize together in the best manner.

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Custom Order Pricing:

Teuffel Birdfish Classic $15,500 <info & Specs>  <order> 

Teuffel Birdfish MIDI $18,400 <info & Specs> <order>

Teuffel Rhodium Birdfish $26,000 <info & Specs> <order>

** Please note:  Teuffel guitars are offered in numerous configurations and finishes.  If you do not see what you are looking for in our current stock, We can custom order in virtually anything you would like from the Teuffel line-up.  


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