Elta Music Polivoks Filter 2



The Polivoks Filter 2, from Elta Music, utilizes the classic Soviet filter chip for a unique and iconic filter tone.

It provides both CV and Expression pedal inputs, built in LFO, and WOB fader for ultimate control. On board LFO has a fast/slow range switch, and on/off. Separate LFO OUT can be used to control external CV devices. With lowpass, bandpass, highpass, and notch filter types, one can shape tones into whole new realms.

The pedal is switched on with a switch, rather than a stomp button, catering towards use as a desktop filter.


    Four Filter Types - Low Pass/Band Pass/High Pass/Notch

    Built-in multiwave LFO Generator

    Wob Fader cutoff manipulator

    External CV input for Filter Frequency control

    Expression pedal input

    Universal Power Supply 9-12V AC/DC any polarity.​

<User Manual>

**Comes in 2 color schemes, please specify if you prefer one or the other.

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