Creation Audio Labs Ai1 (All-In-One) REDEEMER INSTALL


**choose Metal Jack, Ultra HiZ Input, Unity Gain or Nylon Jack, Standard 1Mohm Input, Unity Gain in sidebar.


The same technology as found in the Redeemer Install, all in one simple gold plated jack, making installation as easy as replacing the jack in most guitars.  Many guitars, like the Les Paul and Telecaster for instance, have their jacks mounted inside a tunnel behind a mounting bezel.  The Ai1 Redeemer simplifies installation on such guitars.  Guitars that use thick panel jacks, or that have more complicated wiring (stereo outputs, or split mag/piezo set-ups) would need to use the Install version at the top of the page.

The Ai1 Redeemer is also great for adding a buffered output to volume pedals or other passive pedals, and has even been installed to add a buffered output on some mixers that we've modified.

  • The smallest possible circuit to fit in ANY place a guitar jack was used.

  • Simple to install.

  • Convert passive pedals to buffered.
  • Add buffered outputs to analog audio gear.
  • Can be powered with up to 36VDC.
  • Optional Unity or +6dBu 
  • Optional Metal or Nylon threaded jack
  • Optional Ultra High or 1 megaohm input impedance

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