Greenhouse Effects Logos / Chorus Vibrato & Multi-Modulator


Play on the edge between Order and Chaos.

Inspired by the philosophical concept, the LOGOS was designed to let you have many classic chorus/vibrato sounds and also introduce chaos into your playing at the time and intensity you desire.

Pitch shifting, multiple voices, LFO, feedback, envelope detection, waveforms, distortion and even reverb are blended together and rearranged to make 48 different combinations of new sounds. A new interface has been designed to let you navigate through all the possibilities, including multi-purpose controls, hidden features, expression pedal input and the new DSS (Dual Switching System) for instant Chaos at will.

Order Mode: Classic chorus with up to 8 cascading voices, normal to extreme depth, DSS: Noise. Hidden feature: Automated rate.

Chaos Mode: 8 chaotic modes of pitch modulation, envelope LFO, waveforms and double voice. DSS: Max Depth

Logos Mode: 8 combinations of modulated intervals, octave up/down, 5th intervals, flanger-like modulation at lower settings, and reverb for an angelic organ-like chorus on top of your dry signal. DSS: Noise. Hidden feature: LFO off



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