Rainger FX

Set up by David Rainger in 2009, Rainger FX is a north west London-based guitar effects company, designing and building new kinds of effects pedals for today's electric guitarists.

Rainger aims to provide new sounds inspired by music around right now, with a totally distinctive visual style and use.  He figures "Pedals should sound great, be totally reliable, and be fun".  David likes LEDs a lot - and a visual representation of the sound (from a basic on/off indicator upwards) is very important to him.

For many years David wrote a monthly column where he interviewed guitar techs from big groups, finding out how top guitarists got their sound and what they were after. He also did a monthly survey of best selling gear, phoning round UK music shops, finding out what people liked. For a while he'd been having pedals built from scratch or customised, and in the 2000's he started to make his own; just one-offs for his own personal use, but after a while he realised other guitarists would be interested in using them too. So he made a bunch of them...



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We are very picky about the product lines we carry here.  They must have great tone, stellar reliability and the right vibe.  Thus far, We are very impressed by all of the manufacturers we deal with .  In addition, the manufacturers we carry all have one big thing in common:  They are all Super-creative People that are fun and easy to deal with!