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Artist Sites

Skye Bleu Studios

Skye Bleu Studios is a professional recording facility with locations in Chicago and Villa Park, IL. Our staff has over 25 years of combined experience in the recording industry. In conjunction with the unique talent, skills and diverse experience of its staff, SBS possesses a keen sense of what clients are looking for in the Chicago metropolitan area. 


Naughty Monkey

The ingredients are simple: 

1. Pick a cool song 
2. Punk it up, rock it out, whatever it takes 
3. Mix in six guys on a mission 
4. Stir in equal parts of fun and energy 
5. Toss contents into blender 
6. Serve and enjoy 

From today's popular rock music to yesterday's classics, Naughty Monkey isn't just another cover band, but a breath of fresh air to Fox Valley area. 


Silverstein formed in Burlington, Ontario, on the outskirts of Toronto in 2000.  Emerging from the thriving hardcore scene of their hometown, the band began honing their sound, and recording whenever possible. Two EPs followed and a former member of Grade began talking the band up to his friends at Victory Records. The band signed with Victory shortly afterward.




Describing the soundscapes found in Enditol’ music as ‘Chaos Metal’, Sacha draws from a vast plethora of influences and inspirations, while remaining firmly rooted in Metal.  I really dig this stuff.  Check it out here.

Also, check out Sacha's other band, Divinity

Cold Shot Custom Guitars

Check out some of Carson's creations here.  The Spiral of Life Guitar benefits a great cause that is dear to my heart.

Cold Shot Custom Guitars also offers repair and maintenance service on guitars. From a simple tune-up and restringing, to full blown set-ups and refinishing, Cold Shot Custom Guitars will treat your guitar like it's their own.


the autumn woodsman

Check out the awesome blend of Lounge / Black Metal / Dutch pop on the autumn woodsman
myspace site :-)

Black Russian Band

Since its creation in 2004, the Black Russian Band has been seen on many of Montreal's most renowned stages, such as the Metropolis, Casino de Montrealand Bourbon Street North. Five experienced and eclectic musicians work together to meld the best of the last 25 years' New Wave, Funk, Punk, Alt Rock andHard Rock. The Black Russian Band is talent, energy and enthusiasm focused on one single objective: get people on the dance floor!

Analysis of Bison Kills

Analysis of Bison Kills are the band formerly known as Tear Gas and Plate Glass. Formed in 2001, the core duo of brothers Matthew and Nathan Dick released their debut self titled demo to positive reviews in the underground metal press. Backed by a drum machine, the two piece carved out oppressive slabs of sludge doom in the vein of British greats such as Electric Wizard, Iron Monkey and Godflesh.

Television Personalities

Television Personalities


I had the pleasure of corresponding with one of my favourite artists recently.  Television Personalities are quite possibly the finest cult band in the UK. Since forming in 1977, they have released an endless assortment of records involving numerous changes in personnel centred around songwriter Dan Treacy.

As a youngster, I worshipped 60's bands of all sorts esp. Pop-Art freakbeat bands like the Action, the Creation, the Birds etc. Considering the garbage AOR and disco that dominated the airwaves in the mid 70's, there was really not many options.

When I found the first TVP's record, I felt like I had found a band of Kindred spirits that had the same tastes as I did. The first record sounded like Syd Barrett-Era Floyd and Maximum R&B era Who to my young ears. I followed the band for years.

After a lengthy hiatus, the TVP's returned in 2004. The Band has been revived and includes founding members Dan Treacy and Ed Ball.

You might be surprised just how many large artists list the Dan and TVP's as influences. You can purchase the new the record here at Elefant Records.


Please click to check out the new line of Eastwood Guitars

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