Television Personalities

Television Personalities


I had the pleasure of corresponding with one of my favourite artists recently.  Television Personalities are quite possibly the finest cult band in the UK. Since forming in 1977, they have released an endless assortment of records involving numerous changes in personnel centred around songwriter Dan Treacy.

As a youngster, I worshipped 60's bands of all sorts esp. Pop-Art freakbeat bands like the Action, the Creation, the Birds etc. Considering the garbage AOR and disco that dominated the airwaves in the mid 70's, there was really not many options.

When I found the first TVP's record, I felt like I had found a band of Kindred spirits that had the same tastes as I did. The first record sounded like Syd Barrett-Era Floyd and Maximum R&B era Who to my young ears. I followed the band for years.

After a lengthy hiatus, the TVP's returned in 2004. The Band has been revived and includes founding members Dan Treacy and Ed Ball.

You might be surprised just how many large artists list the Dan and TVP's as influences. You can purchase the new the record here at Elefant Records.


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