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Ulrich Teuffel's first new design in seven years features a chambered mahogany body with a slotted headstock and ziricote binding, bridge cover, and pickup cover. The pickup has hand-weakened alnico 2 magnets, and the bridge itself is aluminum.  The scale is a Les Paul scale (24.75"), with compound fingerboard radius (12").  It is an electric guitar with a neck pickup only but don't let that fool you into thinking it is a one trick pony in terms of tone.

In Ulrich's own words:

"The antonio model is my deal with the guitar history. In the last years, I looked back into my early times of guitar making and I planned to come around with my next model with a historic quote. Antonio is the first name of Antonio Torres and Antonio Stradivari both.

The guitar is made from hondurian mahogany. I use dense tonewood for the through neck and very light parts for the upper body bout. The upper bout is quite long therefore the basses in it's tone.

There is an invisible sound chamber in the body and six at the backside behind the bridge.

Untypical for my work until now: the scale is a Les Paul scale (24.75"), such as the compound fingerboard radius (12").

All the hardwood parts are made from selected ciricote, such as fingerboard, headstock cover, jack plate cover bridge, binding. The bridge consists of a solid aluminium covered with ciciricote. The Alu contains all the threads and bores for the studs. The jack plate is also a 3mm aluminium plate covered with ciricote. You see, everything is very rigid allthough the guitar looks like a flattop guitar.

The machines are Gotoh Stealth tuner, they are mounted in the in carbon tubes in the headstock which are reducing friction. All the little screws are mounted into a ciricote inlay to provide a proper fit and hold.

The two-way trussrod channel access is a high dense carbon tube which reaches into the neck as a reinforcement for the headstock joint.

The pickup is 7.3 kohms with AWG 42 wire and a Alnico 2 magnet which I hand-weakened to make the tone more mellow. The volume is a push-pull pot to split the pickup."

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