Spaceman Effects Equinox multi-band equalizer


The Spaceman Equinox is an amazingly tweakable multi-band equalizer with a lush, velvety tone (Think Pultec). Inspired by famous studio EQs of the past, Spaceman has created a circuit with an abundance of irregular options absent from contemporary stompbox EQs. Featuring interleaving cut and boost bands, the differing filter rolloffs of each section can provide interesting and complex frequency responses that are highly interactive in nature. Lovingly crafted input and output stages, and custom tailored frequency ranges make the Equinox a versatile tool that oozes vintage vibe. This high-headroom device is perfect for use with guitar, bass, keyboard, and more, truly bringing the power of a rackmount unit to your pedalboard.  


  • Studio quality EQ made explicitly for instrument level signals 
  • Dedicated Cut and Boost bands with interleaving center frequencies
  • Discrete design with hand soldered through-hole construction
  • High headroom 18V operation
  • Well suited to guitar, bass, keys, and any instrument you can throw at it
  • The Comet Edition Equinox is limited to 222 units, and features a hand hammered nameplate and signed documentation

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