Rainger FX Igor Mk2



Easy, real-time control of effects pedal parameters!

A small, light expression pedal with no moving parts

Has dual sensitivity

Use with foot or by hand!


We all like to have some real-time control of effects when possible, so up to now we’ve been resigned to carrying round big rocker ‘wah wah’ style expression pedals…

Igor is a pressure sensitive controller pad, 55mm in diameter, no moving parts and very light (35 times lighter than a standard cast metal treadle-type pedal!!!). It has dual sensitivity; use it shiny side up on a hard stage, or with shoes, standing – or rubber side up if you’re barefoot or sitting down. Or use it by hand. The Igor Mk2 is more expression-y than the previous version (more controllable variation), and more durable.

It’s called ‘Igor’ because it first came into being as the assistant to the Rainger FX Dr Freakenstein Fuzz. It has a maximum resistance of 100k, and comes with a stereo 1/4″ jackplug (variable resistance between tip and ring, sleeve unconnected). It’s 64cm long.

Most expression pedals vary from make to make – either the maximum resistance, or how they’re wired. Igor is designed to work with all Rainger FX pedals that have the facility, plus it’ll work with the following brands…

Electro Harmonix


Death By Audio

Fairfield Circuitry

Crazy Tube Circuits

Red Panda

Line 6

(known brands so far…)

It’s a simple solution to effects control on-the-fly!

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