Kammler Ty-Foon 4x12" cabinet


The development of a powerful and punchy spatial sound.

This 4×12 cabinet has, in every aspect, been finished in a unique and uncompromising way: Four ‘compartmentalised’ speakers fitted with a ‘Tunator’ develop an almost unbelievably precise tangible world of sound. Whether ‘dirty’ or ‘clean’, with the appropriate speaker you experience a new dimension in the category of 4×12 guitar cabinets. The extremely elaborate craftsmanship involved in making these cabinets means that you:

  • minimize the transfer of kinetic energy to another speaker.
  • benefit from a more uniform overall vibration behaviour of the cabinet.
  • benefit from an accurate overall playback and transparency of the tone during high sound pressure levels.
  • benefit from enormous responsiveness in the playback of the tones/chords.
  • ensures a stable sound behavior at highest volume levels.

After delivering the prototype, we decided to produce a proto-run of only 12 Ty-Foon Cabinets in 2014.  The reaction has been overwhelming. With the 3-way mono/stereo inputs (optional) the Ty-Foon can be powered by 2 amps.

<Video of Tunator concept>

Technical Details

Connection: Speakon combo connector (jack amp to Speakon/jack cabinet).
Alternatively: 3 Jack Input for stereo/mono operation.
Speaker: 4×12” Celestion Gold or Blue Bulldogs.
Alternatively: Celestion Vintage 30; Tone Tubbies; Scumbacks or Custom Options.
Impedanz: Depending on performance requirements from 16 to 4 Ohm.
Dimensions: 88x88x32 cm (H/W/D).
Weight: approx. 58 kg. (with Gold/Blue Bulldogs).
Cover: Black (Standard) or custom options.
Corners: Metal in black/sandblasted chrome.

Handle: Stoppable Folding Tray Handle.
Grill: Basket in black/gris/wheat or custom options. Removable!
Feet: Selected hard rubber feet and ‘Pop-In/Out’ casters.

Note: The factory setting for every Ty-Foon depends on individual requirements!
For ‘High Performance Operation’ casters should be removed!

Custom Options:

  • Speaker or speaker combinations.
  • Connection with 3-jacks for stereo/mono operation with 1 or 2 amps.
  • Load capacity from 100 – 400 watts.

** Please NOTE: The version we have in stock includes with 2x12“ Celestion AlNico Gold Bulldog Speaker (50 W/16 Ω each) and 2x12“ Celestion AlNico Cream(90 W/16 Ω each).  Cab has the Stereo/Mono/Stereo Option: 3-way circuit 8-16-8 Ω. Covering is Std. Black Tolex, Front is Black Basket with No Corners.


Don't get me wrong, while these cabs are very expensive, they are truly life changing.  My mind was completely blown when i demo'd them at NAMM in 2017.  For studio or stage, they are more or less essential equipment.

** Please note we do not stock the entire line-up of cabs in every configuration, but we can custom order whatever you wish.

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