Bearfoot FX Polar Bear Fuzz



The Polar Bear Fuzz was designed as a 'daily' fuzz that you could use all time, and many love it as their 'you only get one' fuzz.   It is a Fuzz Face/Tone Bender inspired design eq'd for a band mix and a very low noise floor, while still doing a volume knob rolloff /cleanup well.

To give it more usefulness and a wider range of tones they gave it a "Nature" control which adjusts the bass and the gain balance to affect the overall body of your tone. Working along with the Fuzz and Treble controls, it allows you to sculpt its feel to be anywhere from tame to nasty!  The Polar Bear also stacks well with a warm overdrive like the Honey Bee while still adding its own distinct edge- this bear has some claws! 

Power: 8-18v center negative or 9v battery power.

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