Tone King

Our customer's practically demanded that we carry Tone King.  Play one and you will find out why. :-)


The Imperial MKII delivers the authentic sound of the 1950s and 1960s. It has the same raw, slightly unrefined tone and spongy feel of a genuine 40-year old vintage amp. With two preamp channels, reverb, and tremolo, the lightweight (30lbs), low power (20W) Imperial is the ideal small gigging amp.  The rhythm channel is the Perfect blend of Princeton and Deluxe and the lead channel takes it way further.  Really versatile!

We try to always have a few of each item in stock, but they tend to sell quickly.  Delivery on custom ordered items is typically 4-8 weeks usually and requires a 25% deposit.

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We are very picky about the product lines we carry here.  They must have great tone, stellar reliability and the right vibe.  Thus far, We are very impressed by all of the manufacturers we deal with .  In addition, the manufacturers we carry all have one big thing in common:  They are all Super-creative People that are fun and easy to deal with!