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Sioux Guitars offers Midwest value and huge tone. Until now it seemed that you had to make a compromise in your pedal choices. You could choose a great sounding pedal that added noise during switching, or even worse constant noise, or you could choose a quiet pedal that was so thin and weak that it robbed your overall tone.

Sioux Guitars don't want you to make those choices. They offer great sounding pedals that only do what they are supposed to do. The "Truckstop Tremolo" pedal sounds great clean, but add some dirt behind it and it really shines with Link Wray sounds. Great for Rockabilly, Surf, Country punk, Psychobilly, Psychedelic, or any one wanting that haunting sound of early 60's amps. The "Villa Ave" is a Distortion. They could have called it a Siouxer Rat. Smooth, classic Distortion sound without the nasally tone-suck. The "Flood Of '53 Flanger" is swirling and flexible. Sounds thick and rich. The "Court Street" is a great Overdrive like the classic one in the green box with noiseless operation and switching.


So far, there is a raft full of Punk Rock Legends (Rikk Agnew, Jeff Dahl, Cheetah Chrome, Ron Emory, Ben Weasel, George Tabb, Stan Lee, Billy Burks and so on) already using these pedals.  Check out this detailed review by Jeff Dahl.  He is now endorsing the entire pedal line!

These pedals are pretty much one of the best priced hand-built boutique quality effect pedals on the market.

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We are very picky about the product lines we carry here.  They must have great tone, stellar reliability and the right vibe.  Thus far, We are very impressed by all of the manufacturers we deal with .  In addition, the manufacturers we carry all have one big thing in common:  They are all Super-creative People that are fun and easy to deal with!