Zander Circuitry Exosphere reverberator


The atmospheric reverberator.

Looking for a great core reverb sound with a loads of additional functionality? Well you’ve found it!

The Exosphere sits somewhere in the middle of a Spiring Reverb, Hall Reverb & a lo-fi Echo, made up of lots of tiny reflections that bounce off of one another to create a broad & immersive sound.

Verb 1 & Verb 2 are independent reverb mix controls, with the former being a shorter, subtle verb & the second being a much wetter, ambient verb. Selectable with the second footswitch.

Decay controls the the length of the reverb, everything from a short & abrupt echo through to near-infinite ambience (if you have “verb 2” on and crank the decay you can actually send the reverb into self-oscillation).

Damp controls the tone of the reverb and allows you to tame some of the high frequencies, this also interacts with the “dark” toggle switch where you can create an even darker reverb that will create a subtle, watery wash under your clean signal.

There’s a Kill Dry switch for allowing a 100% wet signal, perfect for putting in the FX loop of a dirty amp or for creating that “shoegaze” style drone.

The Pre and Post act as level controls for the input & output, the active pre-amp in the pedal can create some interesting overdrive when cranked that interacts really nicely with the reverb, crank the Pre knob and control the overall level with the Post knob to try it out, you’ll find the effect is more drastic with higher output pickups.

As if all of those controls weren’t enough, we’ve added 2 expression jacks for on-the-fly parameter adjusting, Exp 1 controls Verb 2 when plugged in (Verb 2 switch must be on) & Exp 2 controls the Decay in any mode. With these two options you can sweep in the reverb from a dry sound or run it into self oscillation if the mix is turned up high enough.


Controls – Pre, Verb 1, Verb 2, Decay, Damp, Post
Switches – Engage (bypass), Verb 2, Kill Dry toggle, Dark toggle
Jacks – Top mounted in/out/exp jacks
Power requirement – 9v DC Center Negative PSU
Current Draw – 65ma (approx)

Please do not try to power this pedal with anything other than 9v, doing so will cause your shiny new pedal to stop working permanently, and no one wants that.

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