Wren and Cuff Two Five Drive


25v of pure tone with a 9v supply

  • True hard-wire bypass
  • 9V battery or 2.1mm adapter
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Crushes on guitar and bass

A electric kick to the head for your guitar or bass, the Two Five pedal will provide an organic-smooth grind and enough headroom for an elephant. An ultra-quiet noise floor provided by the LM358 high voltage tolerant dual FET op-amp is fed by 25v internally charged up from a regular old effects pedal supply.

So is the "25v" thing a big gimmick? No. Have you ever run a 9v drive pedal at 18v? The sound is more open, headroom increased, and tone is more articulate. 

The voice switch allows clipping diode configuration to be changed to provide more grit, or a less dirty, cleanish blast with a wonderful top-end FET sheen.

The three band EQ provides tone tweaking often lacking in many overdrive pedals. Get your tone adjusted just right, super helpful if you're the type that needs to get your eq balance just right or if you're constantly switching between single coils and buckers, or a studio pro that plays through different amps depending on the situation. 

And bassists, you all know that your instrument loves high voltage and headroom. Ever run through guitar pedals and like the tone but feel like it's just missing a certain something? Well you may have just found that "something" you've been looking for.

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