Wren and Cuff Ace Octave Fuzz


The Wren and Cuff Ace Octave Fuzz is based on the circuitry of the short-lived but extremely awesome vintage Ace Tone FM-2 Fuzz Master. The FM-2 was the Pre-Roland Pre-cursor to stuff like the equally amazing Roland Bee Baa.  Both of those pedals are among my fav. all-time Fuzzes.

The Ace Octave Fuzz was originally only available in Japan. This precise recreation of the famous “Acetone FM-2 Professional” (a division of Roland in the 1970's), is now available worldwide. Like the Original, The pedal features a tone switch for scooped/boosted mid frequency contour with knobs for volume and gain.

This bold, rippingly versatile octave-up fuzz is somewhat different than the Tycobrahe Octavia or Univox Superfuzz.  It really does have a tone that is unique among typical octave fuzz pedals and stacks well with other pedals without losing definition.

• Lower Noisefloor than the Vintage pedal.
• Neg (-) tip 2.1mm power supply
• True “hard-wire” bypass, 100% isolated signal passing (NO relays)
• Hand-made in Los Angeles, CA
• Lifetime warranty


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