WMD Utility Noise gate



This pedal combines a traditional noise gate with an effects loop. This setup allows you to put pedals inside the loop and have them not affect the way that the gate responds. Of course, you can use the gate like any noise gate since the send and return are internally normalled to each other.

Stomp Switch - This footswitch activates the effects loop and gate. The center LED will be lit when the pedal is engaged.

Gate Threshold - This sets the level at which the gate will start to open. The LED under the Threshold will be lit when the gate is open.

Level - This allows you to get a little boost from the noise gate if you'd like. The volume varies with the power supply voltage. Use this to get the right volume.

Send - This sends an un-gated signal (buffered from the input jack) out to a loop of pedals. Hook this to the input of a fuzz or distortion or whatever you'd like to gate.

Return - Plug the output of your last pedal into this. This is the signal that will be run through the gate and out the "Out" jack on the Utility Noise Gate. If nothing is plugged into this jack, the dry signal from the input jack will be used and gated.

How the Loop Works - No matter what level you have things set to inside your loop, the noise gate will respond the same. You'll want to plug your guitar into the input jack of the noise gate before any other pedals, or immediately after a distortion that you don't tweak much. This allows you to get absurd amounts of gain without noise on the output.

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