Wilson Effects Parked Wah


The Wilson Effects Parked Wah gives you the ability to park your to find it with your foot. Not only does it give you the ability to do this but there is also some added features that make it like no other pedal out there. With the Parked Wah you have the ability to tune your sweep to your liking via the Growl and Mids control. This gives you the user a wider array of wah sweeps to choose from. If you've ever parked your wah and thought "man if I could just get a little more low end filter out of this thing that would be sweet" the Parked wah gives you the ability to do this.

The Parked Wah is an actual inductor based wah circuit with every possible control imaginable for your wah sound.

- Level controls the amount of volume or output of the effect.

- Mids controls the mi-range parameters of the wah circuit.

- Growl controls the bass and gain of the wah circuit.

- Last but not least Sweep controls what physical position you are in in the sweep of the wah.

In addition to all of these controls the Parked Wah also boasts an expression pedal jack if you'd like to go at it traditional style. Please note that when plugging into the expression pedal jack the wah's sweep will be reversed. This is due to some expression pedals will over rotate and cause noise at the toe of the pedal when set up in a traditional fashion. To top it off it is also fuzz friendly.

The Parked wah comes with the standard Wilson Effects warranty of one year on all parts and labor. The pedal is true bypass and runs off of a single 9 volt battery or a 2.1mm center negative power supply. All Parked Wahs are built with only the finest parts available and are hand made in the U.S.

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