Subdecay Super Spring Theory – Reverb



Spring Reverb Plus.

  • Authentic spring tank reverb and bonus “room” reverb mode.
  • Decay control to dampen or expand reverb.
  • All analog signal path for your clean sound to retain your tone.
  • Trails option when bypassed
  • Separate controls for the reverb and dry signal levels.
  • Redesigned preamp for tube like dynamics and feel.
  • Tone control for subtlety or in your face splash.

In 2011, Subdecay set out to create the most realistic spring reverb simulation ever. The Spring Theory was born with authentic sound, feel and dynamics. Since then they’ve been taking notes for the next evolution: The Super Spring Theory.

Drip Splash Kerplang

Subdecay captured every nuance of tube driven spring reverb by analyzing design, sound and the physics of real reverb tanks. Even something as innocuous as unplugging your guitar cable (kerplangagnangang)  sounds like real authentic spring reverb. They’ve retained the all analog signal path for your clean signal with an improved preamp. JFET amplifiers carryout the send and recovery of the reverb signal for even more tube like dynamics. The Super Spring Theory is even better in front of overdrive pedals or a dirty amp. Improved performance with high output guitar pickups and effects loops an internal trimmer has been added to control the reverb input level.

More options

Improving overall performance was not enough. Subdecay has been listening and they know what you want. They’ve packed a ton of new features in the same pint sized pedal. Now you can hear reverb tails when bypassed. Separate level controls for the dry and reverb sounds along with the new wide range tone control allow for subtle reverb to in your face salt water splash.

…But wait, There’s more!

There’s also that other reverb setting. ROOM. Don’t think of this as your typical subtle ambiance room reverb. That is certainly possible with the decay knob rolled back. It simulates a space where you can modify the very nature of physics.  Longer decay times are like a cavern covered in ceramic tile with reverb trails over three minutes long.

Like no other reverb pedal on earth.

Every aspect of the Super Spring Theory was designed from the ground up. You won’t find a  “reverb brick” inside. It’s not a datasheet design from someone else.  The Super Spring Theory uses Subdecay's own DSP reverb algorithms that you can’t get anywhere else.

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