Retro-Sonic Compressor (V.2)



The RetroSonic Compressor (Ver. 2) is an accurate reproduction of the famous gray Ross Compressor known for its smooth compression and attack response. The Ross design is updated with true bypass switching and the finest components, providing clean, smooth compression with low noise and incredible transparency. 

An Attack control now allows you access to a full range of settings from Fast to Slow. You will notice note-to-note levels that are smoother and more consistent, chords and picking that is tighter and more focused, and when used with an overdriven amp, sustain that will last even longer.  Notably, you will find minimal coloration to your guitar signal and fewer of the note-attack alterations so common with other lesser compressors. It also features a mini toggle switch that lets you have a tone option (bright, warm). The warm setting is the "Ross" Tone and the bright opens up the hi-end and makes it a bit more "spanky." 


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