Montreux Little Buffer


The "Little Buffer" is the third original Montreux pedal, following the Knebworth and CODA.  With the addition of effects there is the addition of wiring, with the wiring in effect pedals and the long cables it start's adding resistance which robs your highs and the low end punch of the guitar/bass. Even a short instrument cable will start robbing you of your tone, it doesn't matter how expensive your cables are. The "Little Buffer" brings your tone back to where it should be.

One of the main priority's in designing the "Little Buffer" was size, so you can add it to your pedal board with out taking up precious space. Because of the small size of this pedal, a 9v battery can not be used with it, only a 9v (center pin negative) adapter can be used. It works best directly after the guitar/bass, with larger effect chains, a second will also work best at the end of the board.  The "Little Buffer" is not an effect, it is a pedal that brings your instruments tone back to it's natural state.

Size : 52mm x 63mm x 32mm
Weight : 85g
Handbuilt in U.S.A


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