Monster Effects Mastortion


MASTODON FANS, Take note!!!! 

Designed by John Spears in conjunction with Brent Hinds of Mastodon fame, the Mastortion was created to produce the pummelingly massive guitar tones that Mastodon is and was well known for. Despite being labeled as an overdrive, The Mastortion is really more of high gain fuzz/distortion.  It is a real favourite of mine personally.  It can really annihilate a nice cooking tube amp.

The pedal has a Huge amount of sustain, but also has a relatively low noise floor.  You get stellar high end focus and tightness, but with a massive amount of bass on tap.  

Be aware, this pedal has a seriously insane amount of volume on tap, so start out with it set very low in order to not destroy speakers and avoid eviction.

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