Mile End Effects JULEP Stereo Pan/Phase


From syrupy, frothy vibe effects to dizzying, choppy stutters, the Mile End Effects Julep is by concept a semblance of the infamous Ibanez FP-777 Flying Pan, but functionally and electronically is an expansion and improvement on the idea. This optical stereo panning/tremolo and phasing effect gives a wide variety of sounds with variable waveform sculpting, independent depth controls for both left and right channels, a vast sweep in panning/tremolo rate from a slow crawl to a worried tremble and a subtle, vintage voiced phaser that at certain depth settings will take you into rotary simulation/uni-vibe territories and viscous swirls saved only for the finest lysergic experiences (...or for a cold, refreshing orange juice beverage with an egg mixed in...).

Send the stereo outputs from this pedal to 2 different effects chains for all kinds of panning possibilities, run the outputs to two separate amplifiers or use the pedal in mono for a simple, but versatile tremolo and phaser.


L. DEPTH – depth of left side tremolo

R.DEPTH – depth of right side tremolo

RATE – panning/tremolo speed

WAVEFORM– triangle, square and everything in between panning/tremolo wave shape

PHASE DEPTH – depth of phasing

PHASE RATE– speed of phasing

SYNC/SEPARATE – synchronize the panning/tremolo between the stereo outputs or separate the outputs by 180 degrees

PAN ENGAGE – turns on the panning/tremolo

PHASE ENGAGE – turns on the phasing

The JULEP requires 100 mA at 9VDC with the typical 2.1mm centre negative power supply connector. It is also True Bypass.

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