Mastery Offset Vibrato OMV


The best Offset Vibrato on the market.

Features Mastery's new arm housing machined from a single block of solid stainless steel, vintage spec brake formed arm and high carbon steel spring. Solid stainless string and body plate are hand straight-line sanded to a beautiful finish. Parchment tip and solid stainless mounting screws included.

Requires no modifications to the guitar and will fit on every standard Offset style footprint. New, used, vintage and imported.

See below for detailed info from the Mastery Website:

"The new Offset Mastery Vibrato features our unique arm housing that is machined from a single block of solid stainless steel and has an internal stainless steel spring plunger that allows you to adjust the stiffness of the vibrato’s arm rotation to your preference. The arm housing is threaded into our spot welded doubler/string plate and is secured by a self-locking cone point set screw into the doubler plate. The arm itself is vintage-spec brake formed (not curved) with zero free play and has a threaded outer end with parchment tip included. No internal nylon plastic components are used.

The fulcrum, doubler and string plate feature vintage-spec metal thicknesses and are un-plated solid stainless steel to ensure edge and thickness accuracy. Our unique fulcrum plate is “tabless” to ensure even distribution across the entire string plate edge, the most crucial contact point of an Offset-style trem. The string and fulcrum plate are brake formed in our tooling and the string plate is slightly undersized on the top edge near the spring to ensure clearance in the body cavity rout of new builds. We machine a consistent edge to both the string and fulcrum plate after brake forming at the point where they make contact with each other for the best possible performance.

Our body plate is cut from a solid 304 stainless steel sheet and is .070” thick to prevent warping. The fulcrum plate is secured by three flat head Phillips machine screws so your E strings will not rest against the top of the screws. The body and string plate have a radiused edge and are hand finished. Our polished (P) versions are hand sanded and buffed to a high luster, mirror finish.

The string plate cutout on the body plate is deeper to prevent the ball ends of your strings from touching the back end of the plate when the arm is moved upward. This also increases the upward dynamic range. The string plate cutout is wider to ensure the sides of the string plate don't rest against the edges of the cutout. When stringing, adjust it centered and it will remain in place under tension.

Our valve spring is custom made out of high carbon steel and is pre-set to remove stress and lessen any break-in period. High carbon steel is harder than stainless steel and better returns to its original shape despite significant bending. Our spring seat is machined from solid brass.

Turning the center Phillips machine screw on the body plate adjusts the tension of the spring and in doing so, the arm tension. Turn it clockwise to stiffen or counterclockwise to loosen to your preference.

{OMV} Offset Mastery Vibrato models require no modifications to the guitar and will fit on every standard six wood-screw footprint. New, used, vintage and imported."


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