Mastery M4.1 Tele Bridge (Bigsby style)


M4.1 - Bigsby Tremolo Capable Tele Mastery Bridge with hard chrome-plated brass saddles and stainless swivels

Made especially for Bigsby B5 users that have a standard Tele (4) wood screw vintage footprint. Strings glide smoothly over our patented hard chrome-plated brass saddles without pinching. Has string through body holes as well. Includes four 18-8 stainless steel oval #6 screws.

Thousands have experienced the sonic benefits Mastery's patented saddle system has made to their Offset series Fender guitars. With around 50 lbs of string pressure bearing down on two saddles, string energy is utilized unlike any other bridge available. Now, Bigby-equipped Tele owners can experience the Mastery Bridge difference. Hear what it does for yourself.

The Tele Mastery Bridge requires no modification and fits guitars originally equipped with a standard (4) hole - vintage footprint.

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