Make Sounds Loudly The Night Witch Fuzz + Ramping Phaser


The Night Witch Fuzz + Ramping Phaser is MSL's take on the Roland AP7 Jet Phaser. This classic circuit has been modified and updated for today’s pedalboard without losing any of the original’s unique characteristics. 

Changes include expanded Fuzz controls: Volume, Tone, and Fuzz; individual true bypass footswitches for each effect; a 4 / 8 stage depth toggle switch; and internal charge pump for standard negative tip 9vdc power supplies. The ramping footswitch will slowly speed up from the Rate control’s setting to the fastest rate possible. When disengaged it will slow down from the fastest rate to your Rate control setting acting like a two-speed Leslie. We have also included an internal trimmer to boost the phaser output to unity level. With a smaller footprint and price point, the Night Witch will provide timeless fuzz and ramping phaser tones that can be heard on classic albums that vary from the Isley Brothers to the Sex Pistols.

Available in Blue, Purple, and Black.

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