Industrialectric System - 46

System - 46 is an analog vco (voltage controlled oscillator) that tracks the incoming signal’s phase and locks onto it. It then splits the oscillator signal into a dual or single harmonic voice with two distinct channels.

System - 46 is comprised of:
- an analog vco with a single harmonic voice or dual harmonic voices, split into two channels with mix controls and extensive control over the synth parameters
- dual amplification stages for each harmonic voice path
- two separate waveshapers, with ldr (light dependent resistor) control and custom spotlight attachment
- hyper - ringmodulator (alternate modulation) with modulation phase modes
- pulser (primitive tremolo)
- system stability control for full system function or full system destruction
disconnect function to cut the input signal and use the system - 46 as a full out chaos synth on it’s own
- powered with a standard (-9v) boss, one spot, adapter
- every enclosure finish is completely unique
- reverse polarity circuit protection
- enclosure size: 7'' L  x  7'' W  x  2'' D
there is an infinite amount of sounds in this machine and it goes far beyond the original 4046-m
**knobs and indicator light colour may differ from the machine pictured

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