Horizon Devices Precision Drive


The definitive modern overdrive for the modern guitarist.

  • Adjustable built-in noisegate for tight tones and noise reduction.
  • Optimized to work with both digital and analog rigs.
  • Durable construction and components for a long life span and confidence on the road.
  • Perfected with the help of Misha Mansoor and the Horizon Devices community.

The Precision Drive took a lot of hard work.

Too many overdrives are just copies of old circuits. They were never designed to boost high gain heads. Many of them are far too noisy, completely destroy your bass response, or are just plain cheap.

Misha wanted to create a fresh, new overdrive that’s envisioned from the ground up as modern design for modern musicians.

Over 400 hours of R&D going into the initial circuit. More than 6 revisions just on the noise gate (yep it has a noise gate!). That wasn’t enough though. He wanted Horizon Devices from the very start to be community oriented. Misha took everything friends, musicians, producers, and engineers have told him over the years, and combined it with specific input from over 4,800 guitarists in the Horizon Devices community. That resulted in even more tweaks to the final pedal, but all of this work was worth it.

Now he feels they have a pedal that helps him focus on writing music, and avoid fighting his gear to get good tone. The best part is that everyone can have access to that now.


Volume - Extra headroom. 6 on the Precision drive is equal to 10 on other drives.

Attack - Dial in the perfect amount of punch without compromise.

Bright - Control your cut in the mix and fine tune your sound

Drive - Dial in anything from tight rhythms to glassy lead tones.

Gate - Built-in adjustable noisegate for tight tones and noise reduction.

Misha Mansoor demos the Precision Drive in a wide variety of applications. Aggressive chugging, big chords, technical solos, and mid-gain pieces all sound full, rich, and cut in the mix. Hear what the pedal really sounds like for yourself.

The Horizon Devices Precision Drive pedal can deliver the perfect combination of boost, bite, and drive to mesh with virtually any combination of guitar and amplifier. Designed for use with analog or digital guitar rigs, the pedal can pull off very subtle harmonic enhancement to full-on distortion. The Attack control is a six-position switch which progressively tightens up low-end response and tames excessive bass (perfect for down-tuned and extended-range guitars). The built-in noise gate for staccato palm muting is just one more super useful feature on a pedal jam packed with musical potential for Metal players of all genres.

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