Horizon Devices Apex PreAmp


Introducing the Apex preamp, which gives you plug-and-play perfect modern metal tone in any situation at the press of a button.

Many Preamps and distortions that are on the market right now have been designed by people who haven't even heard a metal album in the last two decades, they make pedals that sound digital and artificial like a can of bees, they lack organic amp feel and sound fake. Sometimes they'll have the features you want but they're overly complicated and hard to get good tone with, and don't get me started on the massive space eaters that'll cost you your entire month's rent.

After talking to thousands of metal guitarists in the Horizon Devices community, it was clear to Horizon devices that guitarists were having these problems too, they knew we needed to make a next-level pedal and for that we needed a next level engineer. They partnered up with head engineer at Dunlop, Bob Cedro. Bob has developed some of their most iconic pedals over the last 30 years.

The apex preamp is a simple all-in-one solution. It's for rock and metal guitarists looking for modern tones both live and in the studio. Use it to instantly transform a clean tone into a high gain monster, add a new flavor to your existing distortion tone, or as an all-in-one solution for recording. Oh, and just like the precision drive it's optimized to work with both digital and to tube rigs.

The Apex Preamp has an ultra flexible eq section with real amp feel. They custom-designed a brand-new noise gate from the ground up. That noise gate is super-powerful, tight, and transparent. the circuit is actually made up of three noise gates that are all working in tandem. The Apex Preamp has a built-in by passable cabinet simulator, it's got an adjustable microphone placement sweep that's super simple to setup for home recording. HD added a tight switch which instantly adds clarity and punch to your tone even when tuned low. You can use this to plug your entire pedal board into the venue's PA. And it all fits into this compact and space-saving enclosure.

Normally a custom noise gate, a modern preamp and a cabinet simulator would cost you upwards of five hundred dollars.  Not anymore...

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