Haunted Labs Shadow Winds Modulated Delay



Capable of moody, menacing offerings, Shadow Winds achieves its subversive goals with a startlingly simple three-knob control set and a three-position toggle for selecting its various programs.

The toggle offers three options via L-R switch labeled I, II and III. The programs can be described thusly:

  • I / Left - Alternating 3rds up and down
  • II / Middle - Alternating 3rd down with tremolo
  • III / Right - Alternating tri-tones up and down with vibrato

The Time knob controls the delay/modulation rate; the Replicate knob controls feedback and overall intensity; and the pedal’s secret weapon is its aptly-named Invoke knob. The Invoke function introduces various stages of modulation into each of the programs, climaxing after reaching the 12 o'clock position.

-Controls include knobs for ReplicateTime, and Invoke, plus a switch for three delay programs
-Engineered and manufactured in the USA
-Manufactured with the highest quality components
-Dimensions are 4.43" L x 2.65" W x 1.95" H
-9V standard center negative 70 mA draw DC operation (power supply not included) – no battery compartment
-True bypass switching
-The Shadow Winds comes coated in a silky black enclosure with art by Simon Paul

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