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The Legend 3015 is a handbuilt, all-tube, 30/15 Watt, dual-channel guitar amp head. The two channels share no circuitry, making it easy to mod, or swap tubes in one channel without affecting the other. The clean channel is warm, punchy, and breaks up very smoothly when cranked. The overdrive channel is very smooth, with a tight bottom end, and features a switchable tube-drive boost circuit with variable drive control. Chords retain their note separation even with the gain up, and the tone is highly touch sensitive and dynamic. Separate "bright" and "fat" switches in each channel allow you to tailor the edge and bottom end of your clean and drive tones independently. The power section is a push-pull Class AB design with no feedback. This allows the amp to respond to the natural impedance variations of the speaker cabinet, resulting in a very open, organic tone.

I have been really impressed with the amp.  I can dial in an almost endless amount of tones with it.  It works well with pedals both into the front end as well as the effects loop.  Brian has come up with a really nice piece of gear here. 

Sam Roberts Band has signed on as the first artist endorser.

Preliminary Owner's Manual (PDF)


Legend 3015 guitar head $1895 <info>

Legend 3015 guitar amplifier (1x12 combo w/ Vintage 30)  $2350 out of stock

Legend 3015 guitar amplifier (2x12 combo w/ 2 x Vintage 30)  $2750

Glasstone Amps are not available for on-line purchase yet, <<<Please E-mail to order>>>

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