FoxGear POWERHOUSE 6000 power supply


The Foxgear POWERHOUSE 6000 power supply is the latest addition to foxgear's range of pedal Power supplies.

The uber powerful Powerhouse 6000 features 20 OUTS and a total of 6000mA, this makes it the most powerful compact Power Supply on the market today!

FoxGear's Award winning Switching Power Section, is employed in all of their products from pedal power supplys to miniamps like The Foxgear Kolt45, and the entire range of Miniamps under Baroni-Lab brand.

The Powerhouse 6000 is the result of years of study to making a high quality, super quiet, super reliable unit. Only weighing 1lb and 8'x5” in size, the Powerhouse 6000 boasts 6 isolated groups of out, 16-9v outs and 4-12v outs, with unregulated current out, meaning that each of the 6 groups has 1A available that can be shared by the 4 outs totally free.

For example, It means you are free to connect one pedal which drains 700mA in one out and the other three of that group will share the remaining 300mA. Incredibly useful. Plus if you have any “noisy” vintage pedals that are not friendly with each other, No Problem! you can easily fix the problem by moving one of them to any of the other groups!

The Foxgear Powerhouse has an amazing 6 Isolated grounds. Working from 100 to 240V 50/60hz. it is the ultimate solution to power supply issues for the touring pro to the basement guitarist and their big pedalboards.


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