Emerson Custom Pomeroy Overdrive


The Emerson Pomeroy is a Boost, Overdrive & Distortion Pedal featuring a 100% Analog Signal Path.

It is jam packed with an immense amount of features that allow the player ultimate control over their tone shaping needs. The Emerson Pomeroy Features 2 Independent Channels that pair incredibly well with each other. They can be used independently or together. There is no order toggle on this pedal, as Emerson believe the Pomeroy's Boost Sounds best after its Overdrive/Distortion circuit.


  • Up to 24dBs of Clean Boost on Tap.

This is an incredibly responsive boost, that will fit the needs of most every player. Its tonal response is very wide, so it does not favor one frequency range over another making it incredibly versatile, especially paired with the Pomeroy's Active EQ on the OD/Distortion Side of the pedal.

LED Display & Level Control

  • Displays the dB Boost Level set by the Level Knob. - High/Low Toggle

Allows the player to choose from a maximum db output on the Boost 0 - 12dBs (Low - Toggle Switch Down) , or 12 - 24dBs (High - Toggle Switch Up).

“INSERT" aka Effects Loop (REAR PANEL)

Plug in an insert cable into the “Insert” jack and you’ll be able to run any effect or combination of effects in between the Overdrive and before the Pomeroy’s Boost.

Hosa YPP-117 (or similar recommended) Tip = Send
Ring = Return

NO internal battery option.


  • 3 Band Active EQ - LOWS, MIDS & HIGHS. This EQ has an incredibly versatile and dynamic range, offering +/- 15dB's of Boost or Cut per frequency control.
  • 6 Different Clipping Options via a Rotary Switch

1st Position: 2 Germanium diodes configured for symmetrical clipping.

2nd Position: 2 x Silicon diodes configured for symmetrical clipping

3rd Position: 3 x Silicon diodes configured for asymmetrical clipping. One on the positive side of the signal and two on the negative side.

4th Position: 1 x Silicon diode and 1 x LED configured for asymmetrical clipping.

5th Position: 2 x LED configured for symmetrical clipping.

6th Position: No clipping. The overdrive you hear is coming from the op-amp. This mode has the most volume output.


Controls the overall output of the Left Side of the Pomeroy

  • GAIN

Controls the level of gain output on the Left Side of the Pomeroy


(Clean Blend) Allows the player to blend in their original dry signal into the signal path of the overdriven signal. Helps allow extra tonal shaping and articulation. (all the way to the right is 100% dry signal, all the way to the left is 100% Wet (Overdriven Signal). Dial in the exact amount thats right for the sound you’re chasing.


  • Made & Designed In Oklahoma USA
  • Soft Touch (Click-Less) True Bypass Footswitches
  • Standard 9 volt DC power supply with a negative center 2.1mm barrel, 300mA power supply recommended. (POWER SUPPLY NOT INCLUDED)
  • Top Mount Jacks (IN, OUT, INSERT & POWER)



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