Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man 550-TT


For over 30 years, the Deluxe Memory Man set the benchmark for sweet, organic, analog delay and modulation. Then EHX raised the bar with the addition of Tap Tempo, Expression Control and an Effects Loop. The Deluxe Memory Man w/Tap Tempo 1100mS was born and the best got even better. The Deluxe Memory Man w/Tap 1100mS is, however, only occasionally available and subject to our ability to find the very rare NOS IC’s it requires. That’s why EHX has created the new Deluxe Memory Man 550-TT. It shares all the powerful features of the 1100mS unit, except for its longer delay time. 

Quick Specs 
- Deluxe Memory Man sound with Tap Tempo 
- 5 Tap Tempo sub divisions: dotted eighth, quarter note triple, eighth note, eighth note triple and sixteenth note 
- NOS Panasonic bucket brigade ICs 
- Blend, Rate, Depth, Feedback and Delay Expression Modes 
- Send & Return FX Loop allows external effects to be added to the delay signal 
- True Bypass

User Manual: https://www.ehx.com/assets/instructions/deluxe-memory-man-tap-tempo-550.pdf

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