Electrical Guitar Company Acrylic Series 5 - Competition Stripe


This EGC 25.125 scale acrylic bodied Series 5 with Fender Mustang style Competitition stripes has a neck that is 1.75" wide at the nut and .58" thick and is mated to an acrylic slab style Series 5 body. Red tortoise shell pickguard with single volume, tone and 3 way switch controlling a set of EGC RWRP single coils. The rear resonator plate as been tweaked in overall thickness and is made from T7075-T651 aluminum just as the neck is. The combination of the metal with plastic provides a natural gating effect with high gain making it much easier to control at high volumes. 

Gotoh tuners

Jescar stainless steel frets 

Full T7075-T651 construction 

CTS 500K log pots

Sprague caps 

Thermax cable

Switchcraft hardware 

The rest is made in house by EGC

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