Cusack Pedal Board Tamer (6 Loop Programmable Pedal Looper)



 The Pedal Board Tamer is a 6 Loop Programmable Pedal Looper.  With so many useful standard features it is all you will need to Tame your Pedal Board!

Features include:

•2 Guitar inputs (Tip/Ring).

•Tuner Out with Mute. (Tuner always on option).

•Selectable Buffered / True Bypass Input.

•2 Selectable Buffered / True Bypass Outputs.

•Tap Switch with 3 Tap Tempo Outputs (RCA).

•6 Effects Loops Total, last 3 Loops Stereo.

•All loops can be upgraded to stereo.•9VDC input power.

•“Mech Mode”: acts like a Mechanical Looper Pedal.

•“Preset Mode”: has 6 programmable Presets.

•Programmable by Footswitch without bending over!

•“ALL OFF” switch.

6 Loop Size: 17 1/2″W x 4-1/4″H x 1-3/4″D


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