Cusack Music / Haunted Labs Carolina Reaper Fuzz


The Carolina Reaper is a co-branded dual function pedal created by Haunted Labs and Cusack Music.

The overdrive and fuzz options can be used independently or stacked for maximum gain. No matter what style of music you play, there's a sound for you in the Reaper, from a nice boost with "a little hair on it",  to wide open crushing gain. 

-Six knobs: Volume, Bias, and Fuzz (Left side) Volume, Gain, and Tone (Right).
- Internal Bias Trimmer
-Engineered and constructed in the USA
-Manufactured with the highest quality components
-Dimensions are 4.58"; L x 3.58"; W x 1.95"; H
-Current draw is ~30mA
-9V standard DC operation (power supply not included) – no battery compartment
-True bypass, with soft-touch switching

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