B.Y.O.C. Orange Distortion Pre-built Pedal


If you're not in the know about the DS-1, you're probably asking yourself, "Why on earth would I buy a DS-1 clone when I could mosey on into any Guitar Center, and pick up a real one for $35?"  The DS-1 currently in production is not the same as the original DS-1 that was produced in the 80's.  Now you're probably asking yourself, "Why not just get a new DS-1 and modify it or have someone else modify it for me?"  That will make it sound better, but it still won't be the same as the original DS-1.  The original DS-1 used the Toshiba TA7136P chip.  When this chip became obsolete, BOSS changed the circuit to accommodate dual op amps.  The TA7136P was not a dual op amp.  So simply "upgrading" a few parts isn't going to make a new DS-1 sound as good an original.

We also took the liberty of removing all the aluminum electrolytic capacitors from the signal path and replaced them with superior metal film capacitors as a stock feature of the kit.  And, like all Build Your Own Clone (BYOC) Pedals, The Orange Distortion comes with true mechanical bypass, so there's no tone-suckage when you're not using it.


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