B.Y.O.C. Mouse Kit


Amazing 6-way modded Pro-Co Rat clone with numerous useful modes. Everything from lighter OD to Massive Grind! The amount of tonal variance you can squeeze out of this pedal is entirely nuts.

Rat clones are quickly becoming the new "it" distortion pedal of the boutique world.  The circuit is easy to modify, has a huge range of distortion tones, and just sounds really good.  The BYOC mouse kit has a 6-way clipping rotary switch that makes it one of the most versatile overdrive/distortion pedals around.

Position 1:  "Vintage" Symmetrical Distortion
Position 2:  "Turbo" Distortion
Position 3:  Asymmetrical Distortion
Position 4:  Symmetrical O.D.
Position 5:  Asymmetrical O.D.
Position 6:  MOSFET O.D.

And the Build Your Own Clone (BYOC) Mouse kit comes with a real LM308 chip just like the original big box RATs, not some "work-a-like" chip, so it has the vintage tone you'd expect.  If you want one pedal that covers everything from vintage distortion to boutique overdrive....the BYOC mouse has got it covered.

Click here to download PDF instructions for this kit.


SKU: byoc000087

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