B.Y.O.C. Modded Fuzz Pre-built Pedal


The BYOC Modded Fuzz is a Silicon transistor fuzz based on the venerable Fuzz Face.  

The addition of the BIAS knob and FULL/THIN/FAT switch make it incredibly versatile. The BIAS knob lets you dial in smooth sustaining fuzz, harsh velcro fuzz, or gated video game-like fuzz.  The FULL/THIN/FAT switch lets you choose between the bottom heavy, booming sounds of a vintage 60's fuzz, a nice full fuzz with tighter lows, or a thin raspy fuzz of the late 70's.  

All jacks are located on the top.  9V battery or standard 9VDC negative tip power.  True bypass.  

*The listed price includes a bare enclosure, red diffused LED, black DC jack, and black BYOC knobs.

**This pedal was originally called the Classic Fuzz.  The name changed in 2023.  Some videos and pictures will still refer to this build as the Classic Fuzz.


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