B.Y.O.C. Color Booster Pre-built Pedal


The Pre-built BYOC Color Booster is based on the much loved Colorsound Overdriver (use 18v to turn it into a Power Booster).

BC109 transistors, bass and treble control, and high quality 1% metal film resistors provide enough raw power to please just about any high-gain player. Roll back the volume on your guitar and hear it clean up and give your signal some increased sustain and just enough sparkle to cut through your mix.

All jacks are located on the top. 

9V battery, 9VDC or 18VDC negative tip power. 

True bypass. 

*This Pre-built, ready to play pedal includes a bare enclosure, red diffused LED, black DC jack, and black BYOC knobs.


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