B.Y.O.C. Armstrong Twin Kit


Unique 2-for-1 clone of the vintage Dan Armstrong Green Ringer and Orange Squeezer Plug-in effects.

The green ringer is a very simple little Ring modded octaver effect that sounds great.  The orangesqueezer is a very simple compressor that sounds great too (Just Ask Jeff Baxter about all those early Steely Dan records he played on).  Why not combine them in one pedal?  The Build Your Own Clone (BYOC) Armstrong Twin has a three way rotary switch.  In position # 1, the LED status light will be orange and the effect will be in compressor mode.  This will give you a very squishy compression with just a hint of distortion that gives it a very warm tone. The Status light will turn green and the effect will be in octave mode.  This will give you an octave up/ringmod effect. In position #3, the LED status light will turn blue.  This will give you both the compressor and octave effects in series.

Click here to download PDF instructions for this kit.

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