B.Y.O.C. Analog Delay Kit


REAL analog delay!  Not "analog-like" digital delay.  This uses the V3205 bucket brigade delay chip to provide 300ms of pure, warm, vintage, analog delay. 

The circuit is based on the BOSS DM-2.  Aluminum electrolytic capacitors in the signal path have been replaced with higher quality film capacitors for improved clarity over the original DM-2.  Carbon film resistors have been replaced with metal film resistors for a lower noise floor than the original DM-2.  And the buffered bypass has been replaced with true mechanical bypass for zero tone suck. 

When it comes to slap back and ambient echo/delay, it just doesn't get any better than this.

Click Here For PDF Instructions

*The listed price includes a bare enclosure, LED, knobs, and DC adapter jack.  Painted enclosure, red LED, and white 1510 knobs are $10 extra and can be chosen prior to checkout.

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