Burkey Flatliner Pro



Burkey produces the world's best Pedal Board Power supplies and the Flatliner Pro is the flagship model.

One central power supply that can power almost every effects pedal in the world was what they set out to design and build.

The Flatliner Pro is specifically designed for use with pedalboards. It's compact, rugged and virtually indestructible build quality will guarantee many years of carefree power supply. No more flat batteries or humming adaptors. No tangled mess of cables on the floor. With the Flatliner Pro you will have a well-organised and reliable power supply setup ready for the wildest performances.

The FLATLINER features 9 completely isolated outputs, ready to power a large pedalboard. Voltages may vary from 3-24 V DC and the FLATLINER can even power 9/12 VAC pedals.


5 Outputs 9 Volt DC, 200 mA, short-circuit protected with a current-limitation on 200 mA
12V DC
1 Output 12 Volt DC, 200 mA, short-circuit protected with a current-limitation on 200 mA
3-9V DC
1 Output variable ca. 3-9 Volt ; V = voltage, R = resistance ( 0…20 Ohm)
3-12V DC
1 Output variable ca. 3-12 Volt ; V = voltage, R = resistance ( 0…20 Ohm)
9/12V AC
1 Output 9 or 12VAC*, capacity 1000 mA This output is protected with a 1AT fuse (on the rear panel)
All outputs are centre negative

1AT:1A-fuse (9VAC output)
230/240V:2 x 250mAT ----- 115/120V: 2 x 500mAT

230VAC 50/60Hz for European power. Configurable for 120VAC/60hz for US power
33 Watts max
1960 gr
(LDH)233x110x72 mm
24 months

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