Big Tone Music Brewery EQ'd Vintage Series Golden Pony


This is BTMB's Replica of the original Klon Centaur circuit, but with expanded 3 band parametric EQ, clipping options, and true-bypass soft-touch pop-free relay switching. 

Vintage Clipping mode uses NOS Germanium clipping diodes in a "hard clipping" position just like the original.  Smooth Clipping mode uses Silicon clipping diodes in a "soft clipping" position more like what you would find in a Tube Screamer.  This yields a less compressed attack with all the sustain of the normal Klon, but with slightly less hair or fuzz on the distortion. 

The normal EQ on the original Klon offers just a shelved treble control.  The EQ on the BTMB Golden Pony Overdrive offers a shelved treble and bass control with a fully parametric (400hz - 2.8kHz) midrange control.

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