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bullet Gilmourish is an amazing resource dedicated to everything to do with David Gilmour. 



Really amazing detail here! 



bullet Kit’s Secret Guitar, Gear, and Music Page is another great resource that has an especially detailed look at one of my favourite pedals of all time, the Big Muff!. 


Def. Check it out!


bullet Erie Music is a one of my associates' full-function Music Store located in Simcoe, Ontario.   The proprietor, Charles is a great guy!  His Predecessor, John is also a great guy, who was single-handedly responsible for importing most of the early 60's Vox AC-30s that now reside in the hands of many of Canada's Rock n' Roll community.  But that is another story altogether...



bullet Not many people on this green earth love crazy, bizarre guitars as much as i do, but I may have found my match.  Please check out this great website:



Mike Robinson is a great guy to deal with and he is very friendly and helpful.  Not to mention, he has great taste in music!  He is the owner of the Eastwood line of guitars.



bullet Put the pedal to the speed metal and check out my favourite record Shop, Speed City Records in shitty Downtown London, Ontario.  Speed City Records is South Western Ontario's best Mom & Pop Shop for punk, metal, indie rock, funk, soul, jazz, hip hop and everything imaginable on vinyl! They also carry magazines, books, t-shirts and all kinds of hard to find videos:

Mike is a excellent guy and offers great deals on rare and not so rare stuff.



bullet STEVE RUSSELL'S VINTAGE HOFNER SITE is a fantastic place to visit especially if you dig old Hofner Stuff.  Chock full of info.  Steve is a excellent resource... and very friendly and helpful to boot!!!



bullet Perhaps the greatest Punk band to grace the Earth.  Need I say more, check out the fantastic official Stiff Little Fingers Website:


bullet Check out Marcus' Guitar Pages. Marcus is a great guy who has some incredible gear.  If you dig Ibanez stuff, he has some great pics and info on the elusive "Artfield" Models. People like Marcus are the reason I love corresponding with people in faraway, distant lands!!!


bullet Tym Guitars is grassroots venture (pun intended!!) based in Australia.

Tim builds excellent replicas of old Mosrites.  He does a killer "Johnny Ramone" Model among others.  He is also a great all-around guy who loves the Ramones as much as I do!  Check it out!!!  If any country folk know about Guitar Rock!!! it must be the Aussies.  I mean it is the home of the Saints, Radio Birdman, the Hard-ons, Hoodoo Gurus, Lime spiders, Lubricated Goat etc. etc. etc.


bullet Tom's Guitars, ibanez pedals & wahwahs Pages . is a great resource for pedal lovers.  Tom is a great guy to correspond with and trade gear with.  People like Tom are the reason that I really want to travel abroad some day!


bullet Come wallow in the forest of Ibanez guitars.  If the Ibanez Register can't induce some drool, you are likely too far gone anyway!


bullet Cutie Morning Moon:Trans-World '60s punk is the most complete site I have found on the 'Net with respect to early Garage and '60's Punk Bands.  It features bands from every corner of the world including a great feature on the fantastic Japanese GS/psych/garage band, the Golden Cups.  Warning:  It would be very easy to spend hours here without noticing.  Thus, avoid this one if you are not hellbent on procrastination :-)  While we are on the topic of Garage Bands!, do yourself a favour and hunt down all the back issues of UGLY THINGS  It is an amazing Magazine that covers some great periods in Rock and Roll history.  I will never miss another copy.



I went to see Canadian Punk Rock Legends, D.O.A recently in Hamilton.  Although I have seen them numerous times, I was really knocked out by the amazing energy that Joey Keithley puts into a gig after 25 years of cranking it out full bore.  I guess the fact that i am starting to feel my age made me realize that this guy, who is around 10 years older than me, is truly a Canadian National treasure.

Long Live D.O.A.!!!!!!

Do yourself a favour and buy a bunch of their CD's and definitely catch them live ASAP.




Does that stodgy local Sound Engineer at the lame-ass Local studio not appreciate the subtle nuances of your grindcore band?  Why can't he understand that Cookie Monster is a much better singer than Sinatra ever was.  Tell him to go to hell and email Preston at Wounded Paw.  He is in charge of recording, mastering, production, etc at Sound Foundation,  a great 24 track Analog studio in the Toronto Area with reasonable rates.

  ;Punk @#$%ing 




bullet Check out the official website of the Kings of the Road,  Fu Manchu. What can i say?  These guys absolutely kill.  As far as i am concerned, this is how heavy Rock and Roll should sound.  Great heavy riffs!!! Huge drums!! They are certainly among my favourite recent bands.  Please don't let tell them that the only VAN I own is my wife's Windstar :-)


bullet While on the topic of fantastic bands,  Swervedriver  are admittedly among my very favourite bands.  If you do not own all their records, i command you to find a decent CD store and proceed to purchase all of them post-haste.  The fact that many of you may have never had the pleasure of listening to this band, once again proves that Record Companies and the Music Industry collectively blow dead goats.


bullet Doctor Strange Records is a great place to buy Punk rock stuff (CD's, Rare Vinyl, shirts etc.)  The Doc is a real decent guy.  In my opinion, he represents anything that is still good about punk rock.  He is totally DIY, but he is obviously a great businessman since he has been in business for as long as i can remember.  He is extremely helpful and always has an absolutely killer inventory.   Many of the bands that he has had on his label are among my favs including Guttermouth, Face to Face and Sinkhole.



bullet  This site is a great reference for those searching for info on lesser known axes.      Steve Brown and Don Thompson designed this website to help you learn more about some of the lesser known vintage guitars produced in the 60's, 70's, and 80's. There are pictures and descriptions of electric guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers and other musical gear from our collections. We also have a growing selection of vintage instrument catalogs to help you identify guitars Vintage Guitars



bullet Feeling the urge to start a Cream tribute band?  Want a paintjob that will set you apart from the crowd?  Go check out Rick Giarmo's Guitar Guru site.





bullet Nick's intention for this site listed below is to make it 100% about pedals. He wants to bring attention to some of the more unknown hand-built pedals and their builders, who are making some incredible pedals, and often at prices not much more than some of the mass-produced makes.

Altered Sounds


bullet To get around town or hit the park with the Kids, there is nothing cooler than the GT/DYNO Kustom Kruiser line of Bikes.  I have the Moto-Glide Four (shown below).  Of Course, I kustomised mine with all sorts of nonsense including tailpipes and a skull tail light with flashing LED eyes.  It is truly a shame that they no longer make these bikes.  Get yours while you can!





Audionova is a North American distributor of musical equipment and accessories serving the US and Canadian markets. Audionova supplies wholesale, brand name equipment for musicians: electric guitar amplifiers, acoustic guitar amplifiers, bass amplifiers, guitar effects pedals, guitar cables and vacuum tubes that musicians can count on.

Mike is a great guy to deal with!




Real Guitar Tone for Real Musicians, by Real Musicians

Whether you're a beginner guitarist just getting into effects or a touring musician needing to upgrade your tone, check out Custom Guitar Tone. CGT are yourCanadian source for guitar effect and modifications, located right in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area, so no more cross border shipping and extra costs .

CGT modifies most pedals, such as: Boss, Ibanez, MXR, Vox and Dunlop.


Please click to check out the new line of Eastwood Guitars

We are very picky about the product lines we carry here.  They must have great tone, stellar reliability and the right vibe.  Thus far, We are very impressed by all of the manufacturers we deal with .  In addition, the manufacturers we carry all have one big thing in common:  They are all Super-creative People that are fun and easy to deal with!